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Your Ultimate Guide To E-sports Betting

Are you wondering about eSports betting, now that so much sports has shut down due to virus and more will probably be shut down in the coming weeks. To place succesful bets on eSports, you first have to grasp the concept of eSports itself.  So allow me to start by demystifying what eSports is, then delve into the details of eSports gambling.

What Is eSports?

Also known as electronic sports, eSports is a form of competitive video gaming, either by individuals or teams. It comprises quite a good number of games and multiple game genres. Some of the most common genres include fighting games, racing, sports games (like FIFA), and others.

eSports, just like other forms of sports, attract an audience. And, the more the players and spectators, the more attractive an “e-game” will be. For example, the Dota 2 competition in Seattle (2017) attracted a total of two million spectators!

What Is eSports Betting?

Since there’s competition in eSports, there’s a chance of gambling. In fact, eSports and betting have always shared a fascinating relationship. They’re quite inseparable. Concerning the main definitive features, eSports betting is similar to betting on other sports. In both, some bigger teams/individuals are expected to win, smaller ones, red cards, and more. Also, in both, there are bookmakers.


eSports Betting Bookmakers

Where there’s gambling, bookmakers are sure to find. They’re individuals or groups that accept bets and pays them off according to the agreements set before the event. Traditionally, bookmakers never existed. So gamblers used to bet against one another. With the advancing technology, however, bookmakers have dominated the business, and most of them operate online. Some of the most popular online eSports bookmakers are 1× bet (China), Bet365 (England), WilliamHill (UK), and many more.

The Markets

A wide range of markets are available in eSports betting, and the range is still on the rise. The following are just a few, but the most common markets, and what they imply.

The Match Win-Draw-Win Market: Like the name has it; the gambler has three options here. S/he can bet on a win for team/individual A or B. Alternatively, s/he can bet on a draw, in which case if the two teams/individuals (A & B) tie the results, the gambler wins.


Match Handicap: In a handicap, one of the opponents is given an advantage. Mostly, the weaker team is favored. For example, if team A is given a handicap of, say -2 goals, the opponent (say, team B) has to score more than two goals to win.

Totals: There are various events within an eSports betting. And just like in other forms of betting, there is a market dubbed “totals.” It is the number of occurrences of a specified event, for example, goals, kills, and rounds, among others.

The Odds

Odds represent the probability of a market/event occurring in numbers. It helps the gambler to determine the amount s/he expects to win. For example, if an odd is $4/1, it means that for every $1 you use to bet, you get $4, if your team wins. Odds also hints the gambler on the probability of a win. If a team has higher odds, it’s less likely to win, and vice versa.


The Bottom Line

While the industry has reached a satisfactory level of spectators, players, and gamblers, the eSports betting industry is still expected to grow. More gamblers are expected, more players are getting into the games, and more spectators are developing interest. Perhaps, you’re the next big eSports gambler in waiting!

casino betting

Top casino games in china played by the locals

In China, gambling is more rampant than in any other place in this world. However, did you know that gambling is illegal in the country? Let’s explain a few things here. This does not stop the locals from gambling. In fact gambling has thrived for so many years in the country. Macau, a city in china is considered as the center of gambling in the world.  The city is endowed with so many casinos. These casinos offer something’s that are interesting to the locals


This is one of the casino games played by the locals in China and Asia. What makes it more appealing to the locals is because to win in this game, you have to have some luck. Chinese citizens have a strong belief in fate, and that is why they mostly play in this game to have their hand in luck.  Additionally, learning the game is pretty easy. An expert gambler, especially the ones who rely on consistency and specific chances, would not find this game interesting.


This game is not common in Asia but very famous in china. Mastering the game is hard, but learning the basics is easier. The game has been in the Chinese culture for hundreds of years and has been developed using Chinese culture. Unlike the Baccarat that is totally dependent on luck, this game requires a lot of focus and strategy to win. Normally, the game is played by four players and has 136 tiles in total. Each player places the bets before dealing with the tiles.


Recently this game has gained a lot of attention from Chinese gamblers. Perhaps, it could be because it’s purely based on luck. Pachinko is an arcade game that was traditionally played manually, but due to its popularity, the machine has been improved to a digital one. You are more likely to find it in Asian casinos than in western casinos.


Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an ancient casino game that is deeply rooted in Chinese culture. The game has been in their culture for thousands of years and has evolved with time to give gamblers different betting options. Before trying the land-based casino, it’s good to try these online casinos because it’s a fast-paced game, and a newbie can easily lose a lot of money. The main objective of Sic Bo is for the gambler to predict the face of one, two, or three dices before they are rolled.



Keno is a game that is said to have originated in China, particularly during the time that they needed to raise money for funding the construction of the Great Wall of China. It bores a lot of similarities with lotteries. In this game, you are given a card containing 80 numbers from which you can choose up to 20 numbers and give it to a keno writer to place your bet. This game gives you a lot of numbers that you can choose from, increasing your chances of winning the game. But do not forget it’s a purely luck-based game with higher chances of reward.

The Bottom Line

Generally, most of the Chinese residents love betting on lotteries. It could be due to the legal restrictions in the country that discourages any other form of gambling.




The Evolution Of E-sports Betting In China

China is a country with a long history of gambling, and most gambling games originated from the region. Esports betting is one of them.

Esports or electronic sports mostly refer to the tournaments played by professional video gamers. Esports first got famous in America and Europe, but by the 1990s, when the industry started growing, China became a significant part of this group.

At the beginning of it all, Chinese gamers would describe gaming as a hobby or as one of their leisure activities. The gaming tournaments started when companies who were seeking profits from this new people’s favorite activity, like video games websites, vendors of video games, hardware, and software, e.t.c. They started organizing championships or competition all over the country, which produced the first generation of Chinese pro gamers.

Government’s Role in Esports of china

The government of china thought this to be an excellent opportunity for boosting IT development in their country. So, they took this chance and facilitated Esports by making it one of the 99 officially recognized sports in China in 2003. The following year, the sports ministry of China launched china’s first eSports games.

After all these years and efforts, China has become a massive part of the eSports gaming industry. The game has gained popularity as well as acceptance among the general public, too. By the year 2013, the sports ministry established a national team for Esports, and by 2016, China officially overtook the United States as the largest Esports market in the World.

Regular domestic competitions are now set up across the country, and they’re watched on televisions and streamed online by many fans. All top and pro gamers are recognized as public figures.

pro gamers.

Esports Betting in China

Betting laws in China are stringent, and Esports betting is not an exception either. Gambling of all sorts except two-state run lotteries is illegal in China. The mainland of China strictly prohibits gambling, but Hong Kong’s and Macau’s offshore unique administrative regions are like main ports for such affairs.

In 2018, a ban on all poker apps online was put in action. This showed how much the country controls what its people are doing online. This also highlights the stance of the country on online gambling.

However, the Chinese have found their ways around these laws because you can’t just take out gambling from China with a law. Even though it is illegal, several gambling rings are underground.

As we mentioned above, how evolved China is now in Esports, it is only natural that a country with rich gambling history gets involved in Esports gambling as well. Esports betting in china dates back to the days of starcraft. Betting at this time was done via underground bookkeepers and online.


There are strict rules against bettors in China. Engaging in getting cal lead to three-year term imprisonment, fine, or both. Also, games in China are victims of game-fixing, so betting in the country involves a lot of risks. Meanwhile, there are risk-loving profiles that can still put up with all these.


The Legal Status Of E-sports Betting In China

Before sinking into any business activity, it’s always good to know what the lawmaker says about it. Otherwise, you will have to face the wrath of the law. This is not what you want, especially while you are placing your bet on esports. As a Chinese citizen, you know how stringent the law can be. Probably, you know that any form of casino betting is illegal in the country. The law is strict on these but only allows for the lottery. That is any form of gambling that allows for luck.

Esports betting is one of the modern forms of betting that has its origin in the 2000s. What does the law say about it? This, we shall look in detail in this article. Just stick around.

Esports betting

Esports is the short form of electronic sports. Basically, it’s the video games that we compete against each other. This is one of the current generation forms of sports that are on the rise and will soon become one of the major sports events. In recent times, video game competitions have been held between groups of professionals. Therefore, when we talk about esports betting, it means betting on the outcomes of such games.

Betting laws in china

China is a diverse country that has one of the world’s highest population in the world. The country has two special administrative regions – Hong Kong and Macau.  The gambling laws in mainland China and the special administrative regions tend to differ.

In China, any form of betting has been outlawed. This is from when the communist took over the country in 1949. Therefore if you are participating in any form of online gambling, it is most likely to illegal in china. The only alternative that you have as a mainland Chinese citizen is to go abroad or into the special administrative regions. You would expect that there is restricted gambling in the county, but this is not the case. Online gambling is still a thriving business in the country. Residents still gamble even though they are well aware of the legal restrictions in the country.

Esports of china

Special administrative regions

The special administrative regions are part of china. In that, mainland china administers only the region’s foreign affairs and defense. The regions are allowed to have their own laws. These regions allow some form of gambling, which we shall look at for each case.

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, gambling is allowed as long as gamblers place their bets through Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), which supports gambling such as overseas sector betting.  Therefore, in these regions, it’s unauthorized to run a bookmaker or place bets on an authorized bookmaker, which encompasses abroad bookmakers. There are harsh penalties for breaking these laws.


Macau is one of the gambler’s destinations in the world. It’s the most gamble friendly place in china. Gambling in this region has been there for centuries. Gambling in these regions encourages all forms of casino betting.



If you want to place an esports bet, you can do it on online gambling sites. However, the challenge is that they are not legal in china. The best place to go, therefore, is Macau. Now you know, for esports betting, Macau is the safest place with no legal restrictions.

22 bet review

The Best E-sports Betting Sites In China

Esports is a competitive video gaming that has become a common trend nowadays. It allows for a single player or multi-players. Organized competitions have been the theme of esports, but before 2000, the games were played by amateurs. From then, there emerged professional games that competed with each other.

The first esports game to get into the limelight was the EA Madden tournament in Jacksonville. Since then, a lot of video game tournaments have been held, and you might be asking yourself who watches these games. Surprisingly, the game has a lot of views, and sometimes the viewers exceed the ones in traditional sports outings.

Due to the rise of these games, people can now bet on them. However, you have to find a good betting site. In China, there are lots of them, but before you decide to choose a specific betting site, here are some of the factors that you should consider.


  1. Do they accept Chinese gamblers?
  2. Do they hold an olive gambling license that has a recognized regulator?
  3. Are the odds competitive?
  4. What methods do they use to secure the translations? A digital SSL certificate is preferred.
  5. Their method of deposition payments and withdrawals.


The Esports betting Sites You Should Try

1. 22bet Casino

22bet Casino is an online gambling site that is used in most parts of the world, including China. With it, you can bet on esports games such as league of legends, Dota2, and StarCraft.  This is a one place shop for all gamblers who love to play different games. You can also enjoy other gambling activities such as sports betting and casino classics such as roulette and blackjacks.  Access plenty of promotions by clicking on the promotions tab. Payments and withdrawals are made simple for you. Click on the payment methods and find the alternative that you need. For any queries, ask the customer support who are readily available for a live chat.

2. Betway

A football fan will immediately recognize Betway as the official sponsor of West Ham united in the English premier league. With this site, you can get extensive gambling options. You can bet on sports games such as football and basketball or engage in casino gambling activities such as roulette and blackjack. To wager on esports, click on the esports menu on top of the page and select the games that you want to stake in.

There are different types of games, such as call of duty, hearthstone, and league of legends. Depositing cash into Betway is easy and straightforward. Simply, maneuver to the bank button and click on it to make deposits. Betway supports payment methods such as visa card, MasterCard, and PayPal. On the promotions tab, you can access the different types of promotions, which differ according to whether you are making a deposit, betting on sports or casino games, and if you are placing bets consistently.





In this article, we have suggested two of the best esports betting casinos in china. It’s important to note that gambling in china is illegal. Esports betting is not different from casino betting. As a precautionary measure, you should consider moving abroad or to Macau to avoid problems with the lawmakers.

22 bet

The Best Website Betting In China

Do you want to place a bet or are looking for the best Chinese betting sites? It’s evident that you want to bet with an online bookmaker. But here is a fact that will discourage you from betting. Betting using online sites in china is illegal, and anyone who is suspected of betting using these sites is subject to hefty punishment by law.

However, despite all these stringent legal restrictions, most of the Chinese population do engage in gambling activities. The government has even gone ahead and blocked all Chinese bookmakers in the country but still allows for foreign bookmakers, which the locals can use.  These are the ones that you should use if you want to place a bet on any game or casino betting. Let’s look at some of them.

1. 22bet casino

As you would expect, this is a global betting site that has over 51 languages making it ideal for Chinese citizens with little knowledge in foreign languages. 22bet is a Russian bookmaker that was started nearly three years ago. It’s one of the best betting sites because it offers competitive odds and extensive betting options. One can place a bet on major football leagues and basket leagues. In addition, it allows for casino betting, which includes classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack. If you are a fan of esports betting, then you will find your place in 22bet.

2. Dafabet

This is Asia’s leading betting site with registrations open for the Chinese citizens.  It allows for various sports betting and casino betting. Dafabet has been customized to support local Chinese currencies. The betting site has been in operation since 2004 and is Philippine licensed. Since its inception, Dafabet has gained a lot of fans, particularly in Asia, and spread to other parts of the world. It boasts of having responsive customer support and having competitive odds.



3. 888sports

This is a multinational betting company that was founded in 2008 in Gibraltar. The company is known for providing sports betting market for European leagues. In addition, gamblers can place their bets on sports such as tennis and basketball. It’s particularly popular in China because of its high odds, different payment methods, and a wider range of marketing methods.  Daily there are lots of promotions that could strike up to 100% of the deposit.

4. Betwinner

This is another betting platform that was started in 2007, and that has a wide customer base in China. It’s an international company offering gamblers with sports betting and casino betting options. Also, customers get to enjoy the high odds and a wide array of markets.  Their website has been translated into different languages, which includes Chinese, and their platform is easier to use.

Betwinner Prediction

5. 1Xbet

1Xbet is one of the recent bookmakers with a Russian origin. Within the few years of its operation, it has managed to gain customers from different parts of the world, including China.  For Chinese citizens, it allows them to deposit money into the platform without any charges, and they can customize the time zones for different sporting events to suit their time zones. For queries, they have customer support that can be contacted at any time. Chinese gamblers should feel secure betting on this platform that has over 1000 shops worldwide.

Betting Sites


In general, all the betting websites in this list are some of the most famous websites which serve different continents. The reason is that gambling in china is illegal, and the mainland China government banned all local bookmakers.


Laws that Govern E-Sports Betting In China

If you’ve ever been into the eSports industry, you know pretty well how much China is heavily involved in both gaming and gambling. It has a rich history in eSports, and the legacy continues. Statisticians have said that China is on the verge of overtaking South Korea to become the second-largest eSports market in the whole world. The first one has always been the United States.

The success of eSports in Mainland China, however, isn’t as fast as expected due to the laws that govern eSports betting in the country. Surprisingly, the Chinese government is strictly against gambling.

But, we’re also talking about a country that has one of the most extraordinary betting communities, so you don’t expect it to go away too soon. In fact, enthusiasts have found ways to bypass these laws and still gamble via offshore bookmakers. The online gambling industry is enormous despite the rules. So it’s clear that the gambling community is violating these laws, especially when they’re being welcomed with open arms by gambling sites like

China Only Supports Lottery Gambling

There are a few games that the Chinese mainland government views as “games of luck.” Poker, chess, and lottery are games of luck; thus, the government doesn’t prohibit them. If you go beyond them, you’re committing a felony in mainland China. In terms of gambling, Mainland China supports only the welfare and sports lottery gambling!

The Laws

Article 303 of the criminal laws of China (2006 Revision) has it that anyone who gathers people for profitable gambling, or makes gambling his profession is subject to punishment by the law. Such an individual is subject to criminal detention, imprisonment for not more than three years, and or fine. Also, the law states that if the case is severe, the punishment also gets more serious.

The law, therefore, doesn’t allow any online bookmakers to operate from within China. The government has also been in a constant war with external online bookmakers, blocking them from accessing the Chinese gambling community. Nevertheless, there are still popular gambling platforms that access this community.

Exceptional Regions

Hong Kong

Having been a British Colony up to 1997, Hong Kong is a special case. It adopted the English common law, and gambling is entirely legal in the area. The Hong Kong Jockey Club controls legal betting here. Horse racing is the main form of sports hosted in Hong Kong, and no other country exceeds it in the amount of revenue generated from horse racing. Approximately, it hosts 700 horse races each twelvemonth.


This is yet another unique administrative region in China, with special vetting rules, too. Having been a Portuguese colony, it has exceptional laws, just like Hong Kong. Casino and gambling are both legal in this area. eSports betting is entirely acceptable by the law in Macau. Macau is currently the most prominent gaming city in the world, a position it got from Vegas in 2007.

The Bottom Line

While Mainland China prohibits betting, unique administrative regions of the land, Macau and Hong Kong, protect it. Also, external bookmakers have seen an opportunity in the vast population interested in gambling; this, they’ve found a way of accessing it.

eSports gambler

Safety Measures To Resort To Befor Betting On E-Sports

Esports games are popular, yes, but gambling in them is becoming more popular than the games themselves. This gambling is fun, and it’s a new thing away from the traditional betting we’re used to. Further, it can lead to cash rain in your world, provided you have the right precautionary measures in practice.

While some bet on eSports for fun, others see an opportunity to get rich from it. If you’re doing it for fun, there’s not much that you need to learn — you only need a little cash and your favorite team, and there you go!  However, those who think they can make huge sums (which is highly possible) have a lot to ponder over. Some of the gem tips to consider are below.

  1. Set And Obey Your Budget

It’s important to know that losing has as many chances as winning, regardless of your choice of odds or markets. Therefore, you should only be ready to lose an amount that you can afford to part with. You see, losing should be as much fun as winning, but it can become a problem if you’re not prepared. If you have the objective of making profits, make sure that you only bet with an amount that, if you lose, you can still afford your daily bread.

  1. Know The Teams And Players You’re Betting For Or Against

Our betting decisions rely much on what we know. Blindly placing bets increases our chances of losing. The good thing is that most of the eSports players are always available on social media. We can follow their pages and profiles to update ourselves with what they’re up to. Some of them will post videos while training, and this is a chance of judging their weaknesses and strengths relative to their opponents. Likewise, we can keep an eye on their past games.


  1. Stake In A Game You Have Watched Or Played Before

You’ll only be guessing the events to bet for if you don’t understand the underlying game, and this is way too risky. Likewise, you may even have the match preview at your disposal before the game, only to reap nothing from it since you have no idea of what’s going on.

  1. Choose The Bookmaker Wisely

Bookmakers have an enormous impact on your chances of winning or losing a bet. For example, rookie bookmakers will have fewer markets than expert ones. So, if you had a possibly profitable market in mind, you may end up disappointed by a bookmaker who doesn’t feature the same market among his options. Also, reputable bookmakers always have better odds with fewer chances of a payment defaulting. There are several cases of bookmakers defaulting to settle wins because of bankruptcy. So watch out!

gambling rings

  1. Do It Now!

It’s at this time that eSports betting hasn’t yet stabilized, so all bookmakers haven’t yet been perfect at setting their odds. There’s an opportunity in this, especially if you understand the game you’re staking in, as explained in #3 above.

  1. Bonus Tips

√ Don’t bet for your favorite teams for love, if your objective is to make profits

√ Don’t bet on too many games

√ Update yourself on the latest roster changes

√ Study the history of matches

√ Always be patient

online betting

How To Bet On E-sports In China Using Mobile Phones

One of the fastest-growing industries in the world of sports betting today is that of esports. China is at the very forefront of the global Esports boom. It’s a nation with people of a rich gambling tradition, so combining the two pursuits is a no-brainer.

China is offering so many Mobile Esports betting apps, which doesn’t even go against their law and are made to follow the laws regarding gambling.

How to Bet on Mobile Esports Bets

There’s so much more to mobile Esports betting than easily selecting the team to win/lose and making profits. All the highest-rated sites are ranked above others because they offer an excellent range of betting options for every game and every competition. Below are some of the betting options youll want to use at the recommended sites.

electronic sports

Head-to-Head Betting

Also known as moneyline betting, a head-to-head is the most straightforward type of wager to place on a mobile esports game; it’s not that fancy like other ones. The market allows you to bet on either team to win just like an ordinary bet game. Its the best way for new gamblers to get started with betting on esports online because its much easier to identify high-value betting opportunities. It’s also less tricky.

Asian Handicap Betting

Most mobile esports games are played in a series of rounds or games, and they’re not simply a one-and-done competition. Therefore, if you’re not a pro, you must be very careful. For example, two teams might battle it out in a best-of-three format or even best-of-five, which needs your attention and being vigilant is required.

Although the winner of a particular series may win a single moneyline betting market, there is still potential to make money from other circumstances in the series by using this app.

In a scenario where one team is given a handicap of -2 games, that team must defeat the other by more than 2 games for that handicap bet to succeed that game. If they dont, the team that has a +2 handicap will win the handicap betting market and you lose your handicaps.

Futures Betting

Many bettors often share feedback that futures betting are their favourite mobile Esports betting market and that’s actually a right belief. This market allow bettors/players to predict the winner of a future competition (not just one game or series), allowing larger payouts and more exciting outcomes, which means bigger investments.

You’ll always find moneyline, handicap and futures betting options in all of the recommended mobile Esports bookies.

Understanding Esports Betting Odds

Before taking the time to understand how they work, odds may look like just a random assortment of numbers that have no meaningful impact. However, you may later start learning that they’re interesting in their complexity. Fortunately, betting odds are easy to understand, and it’s something you’ll need to learn about before placing bets at one of the highest-rated mobile esports betting sites.

A simple example is that if a bookmaker is offering 2/1 fractional odds (equivalent to 2.00 in decimal odds), youll be doubling your money with a win and losing your money if you are unsuccessful, and that’s a big risk if the amount is big.

Best Casinos

The Best Casinos in China

Here is a fact: If you have always known that Vegas is the gambling home for the gamblers around the world, you are wrong. The actual and 100 times bigger home to gamblers in actually in China. The city of Macau hosts some of the biggest casino parties every day around the world. The revenue generated by the casinos in Macau is 75 times greater than that in Vegas. One of the reasons behind it is that the people in China are more die-hard casino players than any other country. Macau today has more than 35 grand casinos to choose from. Here are the top 5 most visited casinos in Macau, China, for tourists.


It is one of the newest casinos which opened in 2018, which can be a great fresh experience for casino enthusiasts. Morpheus is a hotel tower was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and has a net worth of 1.1 billion US dollars. This fresh casino in Macau aims to become the next big casino host for the tourists. It hosts 50 gaming tables, 772 guest rooms, suites, spa, and villas in a beautiful resort by Melco Resorts & Entertainment. It also has a sky pool which is 130 metres above the ground delivering a spectacular view of the city.


MGM Cotai

MGM Cotai is also a brand new casino and only 3 months older than Morpheus. It was opened at a worth of 3.2 billion US dollar in Feb 2018. The design of the casino depicts a treasurable jewellery box. This grand casino hosts 177 gaming tables, including 12 tables for special guests. Another thing that MGM Cotai is famous for is its 1,500 slot machines. The resort also has 27 mansion villas, luxury spas, and artistic attraction around for tourists to enjoy. There is also a museum in the resort which hosts Chinese art forms and historical carpets dating back to the Qing Dynasty.


Venetian Macau

Venetian is the biggest casino in the whole world with more than 640 gaming tables and over 2000 slot machines. It is big enough to host a grand casino party every day and rich enough to offer the biggest jackpots players can bet for. Baccarat is the most played game in this casino, followed by blackjack and poker. Along with the big area for the casino, the resort also has 3,000 suites for the guests and over 30 restaurants to try out the authentic flavours of China. You can also go shopping inside the complex which has more than 300 retail shops. You can always take a break from casino games to enjoy their rooftop golf course. Overall the resort provides a classic casino theme which will make anyone stay longer than they planned with so much to do.

eSports Betting Sites

Top 6 eSports Betting Sites in China

China is home to the biggest gambling hub in the world with all kinds of gambling taking place under a special law. With the advancement in the gaming industry, esports events have also established huge marketing in betting globally. Asia is the largest esports betting region in the world due to millions of gaming enthusiast using their knowledge of games to make a fortune. The esports events become more popular every year and the investments done in these events are also escalating at high rates. For betting on esports, you need to learn how the betting industry works and which games offer the widest odds of winning money. Today there are hundreds of esports betting websites available in Asia, and here is a list to name a few.

22Bet Partners

22Bet is one of the biggest sports betting websites in the world. Now it has its partner website dedicated for esports betting. It features world popular games such as PUBG, CSGO, and DOTA2 for betting. The withdrawals are completely free, and there is a registration bonus for up to 100%.


1xBet hosts over 100 different betting markets for esports every day. It supports multiple languages so that the bettors around the world can make use of the opportunity. Newcomers get 20% cashback on their first deposit bets. There are also other daily and weekly promos that the players can enjoy.


Bet365 host betting for all major sports and now for gaming leagues as well. The games include CSGO, DOTA2, PUBG, Fortnite, and more. The platform is available on both desktop and mobile phones for players to access it easily from anywhere. Bet365 offers big odds and is also one of the most trusted sites of bettors.


BetOnline is an esports dedicated platform which separates esports from the casino and sports bettings. It also supports many cryptocurrencies for betting and offers a 50% welcome bonus to new players. The website is optimized to be used on desktop and all mobile platforms for convenience to the users.


Pinnacle esports betting platform offers to bet on video games to everyone over the age of 18. Users need to register with right age proof to verify for betting. The website does not have any sign-in but still have a huge bettor base due to the best value odds.



Arcnaebet is a new website which started its focus mainly on esports events with games such as DOTA2, CSGO, and League of Legends. It accepts payments in most of the currencies and supports multiple languages. Players can enjoy up to 100% of the deposit bonus without any minimum odds. The site also offers regular sign-in bonuses as they are still building their player base.

video games

E-Sports Betting That Can Guarantee You A Win

No one wishes to lose an eSports bet — the order of the day is winning after winning. However, your wishes are likely to be fruitless without the right tips at your fingertips. Whether you are a novice or veteran in the eSports betting industry, the rare tips explained below will guarantee you the best outcome, provided you make use of them in the most appropriate way. Here goes the list.

  1. Do Your Due Diligence

You may have a lot of knowledge about the teams you want to bet for, but if you don’t keep up-to-date with the latest information, you’re likely to emerge a loser. A lot of things need to be researched, and one of the most popular things is history

An example is when two individuals or teams are set to play against one another. There’s a chance that they had met before, and such a piece of information can be of help. Look at the number of wins, draws, losses, and other market occurrences from each side in the past. Then, use probability to judge what’s likely to happen in the next game. That’s just one example. There are many more.

Betting laws

  1. Be Careful With Pre-match Betting Tips

If you’ve met them during your traditional betting experience, they’re on eSports betting, too. A fact is that no one is perfect in the betting industry. And, the question is, why would someone sell an odd that s/he’s sure is a win-win? The Sellers’ answer will be: because we’re generous. Sure? Why don’t you then give it out for free?

Perhaps there’s also an answer for that, but the truth remains; such sellers aren’t genuine with their “businesses.” Research, as explained in #1 above, is all that is likely to work. If you fall victim to these fraudulent tipsters, you don’t have my article to blame, do you?

  1. Start Small

As a beginner, you only have to start betting with little amounts of money. If you put all your eggs in one basket on the first day and lose, you may end up freaking. Instead, split the amount into smaller amounts and place bets on multiple markets to experiment with the behavior. After this, you may get information that’ll lead you to the best profit betting knowledge in the future.

  1. Don’t Budget With Unseen Outcomes!

After placing a bet that promises heaven, most people are fond of high hopes to the extent of planning with the unseen outcomes. This is not only risky but also makes them feel stupid (sorry), especially when the bet delivers hell. It’s a common phenomenon when one places a bet after using the Pre-match tips that I warned you against above in #2.

  1. Only Use Credible Betting Platforms!

It’s not safe to make your first deposit on the first betting platform you bump into. Take your time studying the merchant’s history. Read through customer reviews. Pore over the terms and conditions. Check the platform’s offers to new, as well as continuing customers. Look for the country in which it is headquartered. Be sure to go through the payment terms. If the merchant checks all the boxes for quality, it’s worth investing your money with them.


The Bottom Line

Trust me; these are the most-needed golden betting tips for ambitious profit makers in the eSports gambling industry. You must now be on your way to eSports betting.

Gambling Laws

China Gambling Laws and How They Affect Players

China has been a gambling hub for decades and players from around the world are more inclined towards going to Macau for getting lucky than Vegas. Even after being the biggest gambling hub, there are certain rules and regulations which are set by Chinese law. All the gambling in casino games takes place under a special non-profit protocol. Betting on all the other games and sports are not considered under gambling. The lottery is also not considered as any form of gambling if the winning prize is not given in cash. Which makes the lottery market of China the second largest in the world.

About lottery gambling

The bookmakers host welfare lotteries and sports lotteries in China. According to the law, both types of lotteries are authorized by the Chinese government. The Ministry of Finance administers and supervises over the national lottery industry.

Any new company needs a license from the ministry to open one of the above types of the lottery business. There are plenty of sports lottery websites online where players from around the world bet on their favourite sports and esports events.


About sports betting

The most popular betting sport in China is soccer. One can bet on any football league from around the world. The irony is that China does not allow betting on its own soccer leagues, but it is only to avoid match-fixing and corruption. One can get sports lottery tickets either online or from the bookmakers at exclusive stores. Taking the lottery tickets from an unregistered vendor is considered illegal. All the other sports bettings apart from the lottery are also illegal.

How gambling laws in China will affect you

Article 303 in Chinese Law, which explains that anyone who hosts or take part in gambling as a profession to make profits shall be sentenced to limited imprisonment of nor more than 3 years. In addition, the person will be fined and will be kept under surveillance.

Pro gamblers

According to the law, one cannot make gambling their profession and can only take part in the lottery games to make a bet on sports. Many times the casinos get raided for catching the casual gamblers. The usual punishment for the crime is simple fine which can boil up to getting imprisoned.

The same law and rules are applicable to online gambling sites as well. Although there are plenty of sports betting sites open in China, many of them are not legal, and the legal ones do not pay out in currency.

Operating gambling sites in China is illegal, and the ministry is serious about catching the hosts of the websites and the players who gamble on these sites. The internet users are not allowed to use foreign gambling sites and can be arrested for doing so. The transactions to all gambling sites are blocked, but the players can still use other means, such as cryptocurrency to place their bets.

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