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Best Casinos

The Best Casinos in China

Here is a fact: If you have always known that Vegas is the gambling home for the gamblers around the world, you are wrong. The actual and 100 times bigger home to gamblers in actually in China. The city of Macau hosts some of the biggest casino parties every day around the world. The revenue generated by the casinos in Macau is 75 times greater than that in Vegas. One of the reasons behind it is that the people in China are more die-hard casino players than any other country. Macau today has more than 35 grand casinos to choose from. Here are the top 5 most visited casinos in Macau, China, for tourists.


It is one of the newest casinos which opened in 2018, which can be a great fresh experience for casino enthusiasts. Morpheus is a hotel tower was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and has a net worth of 1.1 billion US dollars. This fresh casino in Macau aims to become the next big casino host for the tourists. It hosts 50 gaming tables, 772 guest rooms, suites, spa, and villas in a beautiful resort by Melco Resorts & Entertainment. It also has a sky pool which is 130 metres above the ground delivering a spectacular view of the city.

MGM Cotai

MGM Cotai is also a brand new casino and only 3 months older than Morpheus. It was opened at a worth of 3.2 billion US dollar in Feb 2018. The design of the casino depicts a treasurable jewellery box. This grand casino hosts 177 gaming tables, including 12 tables for special guests. Another thing that MGM Cotai is famous for is its 1,500 slot machines. The resort also has 27 mansion villas, luxury spas, and artistic attraction around for tourists to enjoy. There is also a museum in the resort which hosts Chinese art forms and historical carpets dating back to the Qing Dynasty.


Venetian Macau

Venetian is the biggest casino in the whole world with more than 640 gaming tables and over 2000 slot machines. It is big enough to host a grand casino party every day and rich enough to offer the biggest jackpots players can bet for. Baccarat is the most played game in this casino, followed by blackjack and poker. Along with the big area for the casino, the resort also has 3,000 suites for the guests and over 30 restaurants to try out the authentic flavours of China. You can also go shopping inside the complex which has more than 300 retail shops. You can always take a break from casino games to enjoy their rooftop golf course. Overall the resort provides a classic casino theme which will make anyone stay longer than they planned with so much to do.

eSports Betting Sites

Top 6 eSports Betting Sites in China

China is home to the biggest gambling hub in the world with all kinds of gambling taking place under a special law. With the advancement in the gaming industry, esports events have also established huge marketing in betting globally. Asia is the largest esports betting region in the world due to millions of gaming enthusiast using their knowledge of games to make a fortune. The esports events become more popular every year and the investments done in these events are also escalating at high rates. For betting on esports, you need to learn how the betting industry works and which games offer the widest odds of winning money. Today there are hundreds of esports betting websites available in Asia, and here is a list to name a few.

22Bet Partners

22Bet is one of the biggest sports betting websites in the world. Now it has its partner website dedicated for esports betting. It features world popular games such as PUBG, CSGO, and DOTA2 for betting. The withdrawals are completely free, and there is a registration bonus for up to 100%.


1xBet hosts over 100 different betting markets for esports every day. It supports multiple languages so that the bettors around the world can make use of the opportunity. Newcomers get 20% cashback on their first deposit bets. There are also other daily and weekly promos that the players can enjoy.


Bet365 host betting for all major sports and now for gaming leagues as well. The games include CSGO, DOTA2, PUBG, Fortnite, and more. The platform is available on both desktop and mobile phones for players to access it easily from anywhere. Bet365 offers big odds and is also one of the most trusted sites of bettors.


BetOnline is an esports dedicated platform which separates esports from the casino and sports bettings. It also supports many cryptocurrencies for betting and offers a 50% welcome bonus to new players. The website is optimized to be used on desktop and all mobile platforms for convenience to the users.


Pinnacle esports betting platform offers to bet on video games to everyone over the age of 18. Users need to register with right age proof to verify for betting. The website does not have any sign-in but still have a huge bettor base due to the best value odds.


Arcnaebet is a new website which started its focus mainly on esports events with games such as DOTA2, CSGO, and League of Legends. It accepts payments in most of the currencies and supports multiple languages. Players can enjoy up to 100% of the deposit bonus without any minimum odds. The site also offers regular sign-in bonuses as they are still building their player base.

Gambling Laws

China Gambling Laws and How They Affect Players

China has been a gambling hub for decades and players from around the world are more inclined towards going to Macau for getting lucky than Vegas. Even after being the biggest gambling hub, there are certain rules and regulations which are set by Chinese law. All the gambling in casino games takes place under a special non-profit protocol. Betting on all the other games and sports are not considered under gambling. The lottery is also not considered as any form of gambling if the winning prize is not given in cash. Which makes the lottery market of China the second largest in the world.

About lottery gambling

The bookmakers host welfare lotteries and sports lotteries in China. According to the law, both types of lotteries are authorized by the Chinese government. The Ministry of Finance administers and supervises over the national lottery industry.

Any new company needs a license from the ministry to open one of the above types of the lottery business. There are plenty of sports lottery websites online where players from around the world bet on their favourite sports and esports events.

About sports betting

The most popular betting sport in China is soccer. One can bet on any football league from around the world. The irony is that China does not allow betting on its own soccer leagues, but it is only to avoid match-fixing and corruption. One can get sports lottery tickets either online or from the bookmakers at exclusive stores. Taking the lottery tickets from an unregistered vendor is considered illegal. All the other sports bettings apart from the lottery are also illegal.

How gambling laws in China will affect you

Article 303 in Chinese Law, which explains that anyone who hosts or take part in gambling as a profession to make profits shall be sentenced to limited imprisonment of nor more than 3 years. In addition, the person will be fined and will be kept under surveillance.

According to the law, one cannot make gambling their profession and can only take part in the lottery games to make a bet on sports. Many times the casinos get raided for catching the casual gamblers. The usual punishment for the crime is simple fine which can boil up to getting imprisoned.

The same law and rules are applicable to online gambling sites as well. Although there are plenty of sports betting sites open in China, many of them are not legal, and the legal ones do not pay out in currency.

Operating gambling sites in China is illegal, and the ministry is serious about catching the hosts of the websites and the players who gamble on these sites. The internet users are not allowed to use foreign gambling sites and can be arrested for doing so. The transactions to all gambling sites are blocked, but the players can still use other means, such as cryptocurrency to place their bets.

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