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How To Play Roulette At A Casino

How to Play Roulette at a Casino

Roulette is one of the games that provide a high-quality gaming experience to the guests that play for the first or the hundredth time. It does not require much learning as you need to bet on the numbers and wait for favorable outcomes to win. However, you need a basic understanding of roulette and betting rules to play reasonably and responsibly. Here is how you can play roulette in a casino.

Learn the basics

A roulette table consists of a wheel that has numbers from 0 to 36 (the American tables have 00). The table has numbers where the players can place their bets. Once the bets are placed, the croupier sends a small white ball on the wheel. The ball eventually lands on a number, and the player with the bet on that number wins.

The table also offers a few other options for players such as 1st-12, 2nd-12, and 3rd-12. It also has 1-18 and 19-36, even, odd, black, and red. Inside bets and outside bets allow players to influence their chances of winning and keep their profits safe.

Finding a table

When you are looking for a table to place bets, make sure that you find the right one. Each table will highlight the minimum and maximum bets at the table that will help you manage your money. The table will also highlight the number on which the ball has landed in the last round. However, that does not help players as the previous outcomes do not affect the new outcomes anyway unless the wheel is rigged.

Observing the game

Before you join the game, take your time to stand back and observe the game and the players. You can also look out for clumsy dealers who develop a bad routine of releasing the ball in a certain way that increases your chances of it landing at a certain number.


When you are ready to play, you can go to the croupier and hand over the cash to get a unique color chip-set. It helps you to identify your bets among other players. You can buy chips in different denominations based on your choice.


Know when to place your bets on the table. Wait for the dealer/croupier to end a game and ask everyone to bet. You cannot bet before the dealer allows. You also cannot keep betting when the dealer asks to stop placing bets. Also, remember when to stop placing bets and leave the game. If you do not have the right money management, there is a high chance that you will face bankruptcy very soon.

When you are done playing roulette, you can return the chips back to the croupier or go to the cash counter to exchange your chips for real money. You cannot take the chips out of the casino. The chips will become invalid, or you can get charged for taking away the chips.

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