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4 Of The Most Bizarre Casinos Around The World

4 of the Most Bizarre Casinos Around the World

Casino resorts make a perfect holiday destination for people who can afford to lose some money in order to experience the thrill of testing their luck. The most popular casino destinations around the world are Vegas and Macau. These two destinations generate more revenue in the casino industry than the rest of the casino destinations combined. Each casino gets known for something unique that makes people different casinos every time they visit a casino destination. If you plan on exploring different types of casinos in your coming holiday destinations, here are some suggestions.

Desert Cave Hotel & Casino

One of the popular casinos in Australia is the Desert Cave Hotel & Casino. The entire town of Coober Pedy is entertaining in its own way. One interesting fact about the place is that the residents in this town live in underground homes that are carved from the limestone landscape. It is due to the hot temperatures of South Australia. You can also visit the grassless golf course, and when you are in a mood to gamble, you can head to the underground casino and hotel. You can stay in the room above the ground, but all the game rooms and restaurants are underground.

Casino Jet Lounge

If you want to experience something futuristic, you can visit this amazing casino designed by AirJet with Designescence. The Casino Jet Lounge operates inside an airplane from France and offers a luxury experience to travelers. Various airlines have tried to implement this idea before, but AirJet is the first one yet to execute the concept. You will find futuristic seating, enough entertainment, food, and drink, and a mid-20th-century theme that will remind you of the old casino days.

Casino, Esperanza Base Station, Antartica

Even Antarctica has a casino of its own for people staying in the continent for research purposes. There are research centers located in Antarctica where staff members reside for short durations. During this time, the online casino located in the Argentinian base of Esperanza hosts a casino is a so-called community center. The base also has a school, a hospital, and a church.

Sun City  Casino Resort

If you want to travel to an exotic casino destination, then you cannot get any better than the Sun City Casino Resort in South Africa. The Sun City offers a casino and a safari to its guests in the forest and grass-covered region. You can feel the luxury and privacy while you are there. The resort is located at a two-hour distance from Johannesburg, where you can go in a cab offered by the resort. The casino here offers 33 table games and over a thousand slot machines, so you can spend a long vacation exploring the games while also enjoying the water park, zipline, maze, and safari.

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