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7 Facts About Casinos Every Gambler Must Know

7 Facts About Casinos Every Gambler Must Know

Today, the casino industry is among the fastest-growing industries in the world due to the growing popularity of online casino games. While most people with smartphones know what casinos are, they surely do not know everything about the industry. Here are some fun casino facts that you probably did not know before.

Slot machines are also called fruit machines

The traditional slot machines were popular as fruit machines because of the fruity symbols on the reels. But there was one more reason for them to be called as such. The early slot machines offered chewing gums of different fruit flavors to the winners.

Online roulette is called the devil’s game

The sum of the roulette numbers on a roulette wheel is 666. This is the reason why roulette is often referred to as “the devil’s game” by many. However, it does not affect the game in any way as the game offers honest rewards to players betting on random outcomes.

Online casinos came out in 1994

We may only know online casinos from recent years, but it has been more than two decades since the first online casino was introduced. Microgaming developed the very first online casino in 1994 when it introduced fruit machines to players playing using the LAN.

Online slot machines were called one-armed bandits

Noone believed the video slot machines when they were introduced to the community. There was no particular reason to be known, but it may refer to the losses people had playing the games. It was hard to win at online slot machines, which made people think the machines were rigged.

The average age for a casino gambler is 30-40 years

Most of the casino gamblers for developing a deeper interest in gambling are the working group with age between 30 and 40. The legal age for gambling in most countries is 18 or 21. The players who last long in the casinos are the ones who are successfully living their life and have stable finances.

Men and women have different preferences

It is found that men tend to love the casino games that allow them to use their skills, while women like games that are completely based on chances. It is not necessary for a male or female player to like a particular type of gamble based on their gender. However, it is just the preferences that the casinos have recorded under research.

Counting cards on online blackjack is impossible

When the pros play blackjack in the casinos, no one can tell whether they are counting. On the other hand, online casino games may seem like the best place for anyone to count cards. However, the online blackjack games use reshuffling everything the cards are dealt, which completely eliminates the effect of counting cards.

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