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7 Types Of Gamblers

7 Types of Gamblers

Gambling is a psychological activity that provides a similar entertainment and thrill to adventure sports without any physical risk. However, if the player does not have control over their gambling habit, it can have serious effects on their finances and mental health. Gamblers can be distinguished based on their ability to follow a gambling habit and discipline on the scale of healthy gambling to unhealthy gambling. Here are the types of gamblers you can find in casinos with unique qualities.

Casual social gamblers

These are the players who visit casinos for recreational purposes and have no solid intention to make money. They like to socialize with others and often hang out near the bars and entertainment area. They gamble casually to enjoy their time and go back to their lives without much thought of coming back.

Serious social gamblers

These social gamblers differ from casual ones in their interest in gambling. They do not mind making money from the games and are generally interested to learn the games in-depth to make profits. However, they have no intention of taking gambling as a career and have complete control over their finances.

Escape gamblers

There are gamblers who see gambling as an escape, similar to alcohol and drugs. These gamblers try to distract themselves from their depression and worries by feeling superior in the games. They are problem gamblers but do not have a compulsion to gambling. They use gambling to heal themselves, after which they can go back to their normal lives.

Conservative gamblers

These gamblers are the travelers who want to experience the casino lifestyle while they are on vacation. They may spend heftily during their stay at the casino resort, but then they move on. They are the one time experience takers who have gambling as one of the things to do on their bucket list. Gambling addiction is rare among conservative gamblers.

Personality gamblers

These gamblers are the ones you should be careful about. They are willing to cross any line that can help them win. They resort to inappropriate and illegal activities like cheating, stealing, deceiving, and lying to make profits. If you are around such a player, there is a high chance that they may put the blame on you for manipulating the game while they have their own plan underway.

Compulsive gamblers

The gamblers who no longer have control over their gambling habit develop a compulsion to gambling. They spend more than what they can afford to lose in gambling and later find themselves in crippling debts. This can also affect their relationships and the rest of their lives, often causing depression and suicidal thought process when they find no solutions.

Professional gamblers

These gamblers are the only ones who are determined to win while keeping all their decisions well planned and controlled. They may also have gambling as their primary professional, although it is very rare. They possess the knowledge of the game they play and study it every day to come up with new strategies in tournaments and high stake tables.

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