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The Best E-sports Betting Sites In China

The Best E-sports Betting Sites In China

Esports is a competitive video gaming that has become a common trend nowadays. It allows for a single player or multi-players. Organized competitions have been the theme of esports, but before 2000, the games were played by amateurs. From then, there emerged professional games that competed with each other.

The first esports game to get into the limelight was the EA Madden tournament in Jacksonville. Since then, a lot of video game tournaments have been held, and you might be asking yourself who watches these games. Surprisingly, the game has a lot of views, and sometimes the viewers exceed the ones in traditional sports outings.

Due to the rise of these games, people can now bet on them. However, you have to find a good betting site. In China, there are lots of them, but before you decide to choose a specific betting site, here are some of the factors that you should consider.


  1. Do they accept Chinese gamblers?
  2. Do they hold an olive gambling license that has a recognized regulator?
  3. Are the odds competitive?
  4. What methods do they use to secure the translations? A digital SSL certificate is preferred.
  5. Their method of deposition payments and withdrawals.


The Esports betting Sites You Should Try

1. 22bet Casino

22bet Casino is an online gambling site that is used in most parts of the world, including China. With it, you can bet on esports games such as league of legends, Dota2, and StarCraft.  This is a one place shop for all gamblers who love to play different games. You can also enjoy other gambling activities such as sports betting and casino classics such as roulette and blackjacks.  Access plenty of promotions by clicking on the promotions tab. Payments and withdrawals are made simple for you. Click on the payment methods and find the alternative that you need. For any queries, ask the customer support who are readily available for a live chat.

2. Betway

A football fan will immediately recognize Betway as the official sponsor of West Ham united in the English premier league. With this site, you can get extensive gambling options. You can bet on sports games such as football and basketball or engage in casino gambling activities such as roulette and blackjack. To wager on esports, click on the esports menu on top of the page and select the games that you want to stake in.

There are different types of games, such as call of duty, hearthstone, and league of legends. Depositing cash into Betway is easy and straightforward. Simply, maneuver to the bank button and click on it to make deposits. Betway supports payment methods such as visa card, MasterCard, and PayPal. On the promotions tab, you can access the different types of promotions, which differ according to whether you are making a deposit, betting on sports or casino games, and if you are placing bets consistently.





In this article, we have suggested two of the best esports betting casinos in china. It’s important to note that gambling in china is illegal. Esports betting is not different from casino betting. As a precautionary measure, you should consider moving abroad or to Macau to avoid problems with the lawmakers.

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