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Your Ultimate Guide To E-sports Betting

Your Ultimate Guide To E-sports Betting

Are you wondering about eSports betting, now that so much sports has shut down due to virus and more will probably be shut down in the coming weeks. To place succesful bets on eSports, you first have to grasp the concept of eSports itself.  So allow me to start by demystifying what eSports is, then delve into the details of eSports gambling.

What Is eSports?

Also known as electronic sports, eSports is a form of competitive video gaming, either by individuals or teams. It comprises quite a good number of games and multiple game genres. Some of the most common genres include fighting games, racing, sports games (like FIFA), and others.

eSports, just like other forms of sports, attract an audience. And, the more the players and spectators, the more attractive an “e-game” will be. For example, the Dota 2 competition in Seattle (2017) attracted a total of two million spectators!

What Is eSports Betting?

Since there’s competition in eSports, there’s a chance of gambling. In fact, eSports and betting have always shared a fascinating relationship. They’re quite inseparable. Concerning the main definitive features, eSports betting is similar to betting on other sports. In both, some bigger teams/individuals are expected to win, smaller ones, red cards, and more. Also, in both, there are bookmakers.


eSports Betting Bookmakers

Where there’s gambling, bookmakers are sure to find. They’re individuals or groups that accept bets and pays them off according to the agreements set before the event. Traditionally, bookmakers never existed. So gamblers used to bet against one another. With the advancing technology, however, bookmakers have dominated the business, and most of them operate online. Some of the most popular online eSports bookmakers are 1× bet (China), Bet365 (England), WilliamHill (UK), and many more.

The Markets

A wide range of markets are available in eSports betting, and the range is still on the rise. The following are just a few, but the most common markets, and what they imply.

The Match Win-Draw-Win Market: Like the name has it; the gambler has three options here. S/he can bet on a win for team/individual A or B. Alternatively, s/he can bet on a draw, in which case if the two teams/individuals (A & B) tie the results, the gambler wins.


Match Handicap: In a handicap, one of the opponents is given an advantage. Mostly, the weaker team is favored. For example, if team A is given a handicap of, say -2 goals, the opponent (say, team B) has to score more than two goals to win.

Totals: There are various events within an eSports betting. And just like in other forms of betting, there is a market dubbed “totals.” It is the number of occurrences of a specified event, for example, goals, kills, and rounds, among others.

The Odds

Odds represent the probability of a market/event occurring in numbers. It helps the gambler to determine the amount s/he expects to win. For example, if an odd is $4/1, it means that for every $1 you use to bet, you get $4, if your team wins. Odds also hints the gambler on the probability of a win. If a team has higher odds, it’s less likely to win, and vice versa.


The Bottom Line

While the industry has reached a satisfactory level of spectators, players, and gamblers, the eSports betting industry is still expected to grow. More gamblers are expected, more players are getting into the games, and more spectators are developing interest. Perhaps, you’re the next big eSports gambler in waiting!

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