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Top Casino Games In China Played By The Locals

Top casino games in china played by the locals

In China, gambling is more rampant than in any other place in this world. However, did you know that gambling is illegal in the country? Let’s explain a few things here. This does not stop the locals from gambling. In fact gambling has thrived for so many years in the country. Macau, a city in china is considered as the center of gambling in the world.  The city is endowed with so many casinos. These casinos offer something’s that are interesting to the locals


This is one of the casino games played by the locals in China and Asia. What makes it more appealing to the locals is because to win in this game, you have to have some luck. Chinese citizens have a strong belief in fate, and that is why they mostly play in this game to have their hand in luck.  Additionally, learning the game is pretty easy. An expert gambler, especially the ones who rely on consistency and specific chances, would not find this game interesting.


This game is not common in Asia but very famous in china. Mastering the game is hard, but learning the basics is easier. The game has been in the Chinese culture for hundreds of years and has been developed using Chinese culture. Unlike the Baccarat that is totally dependent on luck, this game requires a lot of focus and strategy to win. Normally, the game is played by four players and has 136 tiles in total. Each player places the bets before dealing with the tiles.


Recently this game has gained a lot of attention from Chinese gamblers. Perhaps, it could be because it’s purely based on luck. Pachinko is an arcade game that was traditionally played manually, but due to its popularity, the machine has been improved to a digital one. You are more likely to find it in Asian casinos than in western casinos.


Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an ancient casino game that is deeply rooted in Chinese culture. The game has been in their culture for thousands of years and has evolved with time to give gamblers different betting options. Before trying the land-based casino, it’s good to try these online casinos because it’s a fast-paced game, and a newbie can easily lose a lot of money. The main objective of Sic Bo is for the gambler to predict the face of one, two, or three dices before they are rolled.



Keno is a game that is said to have originated in China, particularly during the time that they needed to raise money for funding the construction of the Great Wall of China. It bores a lot of similarities with lotteries. In this game, you are given a card containing 80 numbers from which you can choose up to 20 numbers and give it to a keno writer to place your bet. This game gives you a lot of numbers that you can choose from, increasing your chances of winning the game. But do not forget it’s a purely luck-based game with higher chances of reward.

The Bottom Line

Generally, most of the Chinese residents love betting on lotteries. It could be due to the legal restrictions in the country that discourages any other form of gambling.



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